Thursday, July 21, 2016

Creating a Bionic Needle Organizer Wallet

Now that I finished creating my Bionic Gear Bag,
It was time for the "extras". Ripstitcher offers several bonuses. I decided to avoid the ones with zippers- at least for now!

So... I decided to create "The Bionic Needle Organizing Wallet"... it fits perfect in the bag, holds a bunch of needle packs & had a printable pattern that I quilted to create "a needle parking lot".

So here is how it all played out:
The pattern is available on Craftsy. After my nearly 100 page print out fiasco with the BGB, I knew better than to print anything before reading it completely!

Glad I did. The only thing needing printing was the grid for the needle wallet. I increased the pattern size to 100% & then printed it out on a fabric ink jet printer paper sheet. Then I made a quilt sandwich and stitched over the lines... 

machine quilting the "needle parking lot"

Needle parking lot and flap to hold the needle pockets

The needle pockets are formed by sewing strips of vinyl in place to the lower quilt sandwich... which of course I failed to think about before getting started. So I mutilated a shoe bag pocket! It's like sewing on a slip & slide! 

sewing in vinyl strips and center strip

wallet interior

wallet exterior ready to attach

And that is when my fatigue & hunger caught up... and I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED! 
But, I didn't- and by the time I was done stretching & folding & shoving a rigid strip of store packaged bias in place... I had stitched a mess and ruined everything!!!

Mutilated wallet

Aggravated, I put it down for the night.

Today, I spent quite a bit of time with my seam ripper- removing the birds nest & binding that I never should have followed the directions for and put on in the first place! 
Threads EVERYWHERE... eventually, I was back to where my binding messed me up ready to continue.

my favorite seam ripper getting way to much use!

I created my new binding MY WAY and I attached it MY WAY. There are definitely better ways of doing it, but I had to trim off edges again to square things off and could not risk losing the parking lot visual...

 Binding the wallet- AGAIN

Wallet Front

Wallet Interior

Another BGB project I can check off the list!
It fits perfect in my BGB! Hopefully I will even remember to use it!!!

My Bionic Needle Organizer Wallet

You can buy the pattern for the 

Bionic Needle Organizer Wallet on Craftsy at

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  1. Very cool! I love the needle parking lot. Sewing with vinyl can be tricky. I try to avoid having the vinyl touch either the feed dogs or the foot. I will sandwich it with either a scrap of fabric I can snip out later or paper I call pull out later (like paper piecing) so I don't have to deal with it!